New Street Menu @ Maroochydore

New Street Menu @ Maroochydore

Papri chaat: Famous Bhalla Papdi (Papri) Chaat from the streets of Delhi. One of the most
popular street chaat. Crispy Papri and soft Bhalla garnished with dahi (yogurt), Saunth chutney
and spices. $7

Tikki chaat: Boiled potatoes mixed with light spices, herbs, shallow fried in a heavy base pan.
Served in freshly whipped yogurt, tamarind chutney, coriander and palak chutney. $7

Chole Bhatura: An exquisite meal, coming from the streets of North India, of spicy chickpeas
accompanied with fried bread (bhatoora). $11.99

Paani puri: Beautifully spiced water filled in hollow poori with potato salsa. Pani pooris are
meant to be eaten in one big bite. $7

Dahi puri: A mouth-watering chatpata chaat originating from Bombay. It is a blend of sweet,
sour, tangy and spicy flavours with puffed puri stuffed with potato, onion, boiled chickpeas,
tamarind and coriander chutney and yoghurt. $7

Dahi bhalla: A scrumptious chaat. Overnight soaked soft bhalla in dahi topped up with
coriander,garlic chutney and aamchur chutney and sprinkled with tangy spices.$7

Dosa: A crisp and savoury rice crapè of rice and black gram batter. It is a wonderfully delicious
dish. Served with sambhar and chutney. $12.99

Samosa chaat: A lip smacking combination of traditional and homemade samosas and chana
(chickpea) masala, accompanied with beautiful flavours of coriander and aamchur chutney and
sprinkled with freshly ground spices. $8.00